Who we are

We are Cairoinvest

We help companies get their premium domain name to grow great business.

Founder Vincent Cairo started his journey with domain names in 1996 as a joke with some colleague’s. Joking about what if domain names would become a future asset that every company will need.


We started with 10 domain names and ended with 500 at te end of the year. Soon after our first year we noticed that domain names will never go away and the quest for serious domains would only grow bigger. As the world was waking up on domain names.


Fast forword and gathering some experience on the way  we connect some of the best domain names and digital assets with start-ups, major brands, agencies, investors and public figures, worldwide.

“In a digital world, a domain name is not just an address, but the doorway to your online success.”

Who we are.

Vincent Cairo

Chief Executive officer

I leverages more than 30+ years of industry experience as a entrepreneur. Confidentially acquiring, selling, appraising, developing and managing domain names, portfolios and digital assets for start-ups, major brands, agencies, investors and public figures, worldwide. I live with my family In a small village near Amsterdam

“In today’s competitive digital landscape, 75% of consumers believe a good domain name directly impacts a company’s credibility. Choose wisely; your domain name is your digital handshake.”

Vincent Cairo

CEO, Cairoinvest.com

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